Neuroscience Sway Lessons

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Design, Teaching | 0 comments

I have been trying to integrate more Office 365 apps into my course content, since I have been transitioning from Google Classroom to Microsoft Class Teams and Word. As part of my exploration of the different apps, I came across Sway and began playing. Sway allows for easy web page creation. As an individual with actual web design experience, at first I found Sway to be incredibly frustrating – I could not control where items went or their exact size, etc… But once I stepped back and accepted the program for what it was, I started having a great time.

I am going to incorporate Sway into my class and have student collaborate on presentations. To do this, though, I knew I needed to become a bit of an expert, so I decided to create some lecture-type lessons. Below are some of the neuroscience lessons I have created:

Neuron Structure and Function

Synapse Function