Dr. Henley designed and manages the MSU Neuroscience program website, along with a number of program-related sites. In addition to her web work, she also enjoys examining the connection between science and art and spends time creating science illustrations for her courses and outreach.

Foundations of Neuroscience OER!

It's official!  My Foundations of Neuroscience, Open Edition is published by MSU Libraries and Pressbooks. I am so excited that this work can now be shared and used freely in the neuroscience community.  Foundations of Neuroscience is aimed at undergraduate students...

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Neuroscience Sway Lessons

I have been trying to integrate more Office 365 apps into my course content, since I have been transitioning from Google Classroom to Microsoft Class Teams and Word. As part of my exploration of the different apps, I came across Sway and began playing. Sway allows for...

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I'm probably going to be stopped and asked for my autograph soon! Ok. A little bit of sarcasm there, but I'm feeling a little proud these days. This week this website was featured in the inaugural issue of the Digital Presence and Public Scholarship Initiative (DPPSI)...

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Digital Syllabus!

I've been tinkering with this idea for a bit, but I finally figured out the tools to accomplish exactly what I wanted! For this semester, I have created a digital syllabus for my online graduate course. My hope is that a website-structure will allow for easier...

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Spelling Game – 9/29

First grade week 4 spelling test. Sounds are giving me trouble. Although mobile Chrome and Safari are supposed to allow user interactions (like pushing a button) to play a sound, I have only successfully gotten sound to work on Firefox on our phones. View the full...

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Spelling Game – 9/22

First grade week 3 spelling test. View the full word bank <div class="animateContent"><div class="animateEmbed-container"><iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe><!--...

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Spelling Game – 9/15

First grade week 2 spelling test. The sounds do not work on Chrome for Android. View full word list. <div class="animateContent"><div class="animateEmbed-container"><iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no"...

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