Brain Bee at MSU

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Outreach | 0 comments

The 2017 Brain Bee at MSU will take place on Sunday, February 5. The Brain Bee at MSU is a competition for high school students and test their knowledge of neuroscience facts based on the free PDF Brain Facts. Registration is now open for all Michigan high school students between the ages of 13-18. The winner of the competition at MSU moves on to compete at the National Brain Bee, and possibly the International Brain Bee. Participation is also great for college applications. This is the seventh year we have ran the competition. We usually have about 30-40 participants. The students start with a 50 choice multiple choice exam. The top students then move on to an oral round where all the students are asked the same question at the same time, and they respond on a white board. The final round consists of the top 2 students in a spelling-bee-style oral round. The students who compete are so impressive. Every year they wow me with their knowledge, especially given they are working on the content on their free time and do not have school resources helping them. These students have great futures ahead of them.


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