The Neuron – Interactive Animation

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Coding, Design, Teaching | 0 comments

I have continued working with JavaScript and have created an interactive animation to teach students about the basic components of the neuron. The majority of the file was created in Adobe Animate CC with JS coding to create the interactivity. I then exported that content as an .OAM file and imported it into an Adobe Captivate 9 file. Captivate will interact with MSU’s learning management system, Desire 2 Learn, and will allow me to collect participation data, so I know that the students have completed the module.

The quiz at the end randomizes the questions. All of the questions except for the last multiple choice question, were created with the animation. It’s the final MC question that will collect student data.

ETA: When I created the animation, I was using a demo version of Adobe Captivate to see if I was interested in purchasing the software. I decided to stick with the Creative Cloud suite, and once my trial version expired, my file no longer worked. Below is the Animate CC file without the ability to collect student data, so right now, the quiz ends rather abruptly. I will need to add in some sort of score slide.


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