A little restart…

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For what seems like too long, I feel like I have been barely able to keep my head above water at work. A bit of burnout (ok, more than a bit) and a number of projects contributed to that feeling. But today I finally got organized with the help of some new office supplies.

I went online looking for your typical academic year student planner, but in the process I discovered teacher lesson planners. Like student planners, these have months and week spreads, but the week spread are divided into a number of “subjects.” These are meant to be used for K-12 class periods, but I find they are wonderful for divvying up my different projects. I can track each of my classes, committees, faculty groups, etc… in its own column across my week. I purchased the Blue Sky brand, but there were other brands with slightly different layouts.

Blue Sky Academic Year Teacher Weekly & Monthly Lesson Planner

And of course, if you buy a new planner, you need new pens! I did a little bit of internet research and decided to purchase Tul Gel Pens. Wow. What a pen! Writes smoothly, doesn’t smudge, brilliant colors. I am in love with these pens. 

So now I have my projects in order, and although I still have a lot on my plate, I am feeling more in control.