AT&T Award Winner

by | May 1, 2019 | Teaching | 0 comments

In April, my fully online graduate course, NEU 841 Medical Neuroscience, was awarded first place for the Best Fully Online category of the 2019 AT&T Faculty-Staff Instructional Technology Awards competition at MSU. It is an honor to win this award. I put student learning at the top of my priority list, and to be recognized at this level for my work is simply incredible. The award judges said the following about the course: 

The selection committee (consisting of experts in digital learning including previous MSU-AT&T Award winners) appreciated your well-designed, immersive technology choices. The judges appreciated the scaffolded nature of your course design. The design choice to create a digital syllabus, utilize Google Classroom, and offering open-book exams all help to make learning a priority for the students. The judges also recognized the focus on universal design and accessibility. The focus on design and accessibility really worked harmoniously to produce great experience for a diverse group of learners.

To view my 5 minute video describing the course, visit the AT&T Award website. 

The College of Natural Science also wrote about my recognition.